Wondering who the author of this site is? I’m Eric, a guy in his mid-30’s who is for the most part a stay-at-home dad. My wife works a job with long demanding hours and I stay at home raising the kids, doing the cooking, and most of the cleaning. I do work a bit in the mornings while the kids are in school but for the most part wy wife and I value having at least one parent home with the kids during the day so that’s me.

After I had been doing this for a while I realized how difficult it was to get the cooking done every day. Some days I was on the ball and got slow cookers rolling in the morning. Others I got cooking too late and ended up having to eat dinner way past the time I wanted. Long story short I eventually started looking for versatile ways to cook the meals in our home at different speeds because I knew it wasn’t possible to sit down and cook at the same time every day for the same amount of time.

At the suggestion of my mother I dug out an old, loud pressure cooker out of the back of my cabinet and started learning how to use it. For those days that slow cooking didn’t get done pressure cooking became an option. Eventually I started to love this method for cooking and starting using the old pressure cooker all the time.

And so a food blog was born. After talking to friends and family about pressure cookers and how to cook with them I decided to start this blog. It’s not a food blog in the sense that it is full of recipes but rather it is a site where I want to educate people on how to use a pressure cooker and why they might want to try pressure cooking.

Am I a chef? No. Am I a professional educator? No. I’m just a guy hat wanted to have a sounding board and talk about cooking.