How Pressure Cookers Are Made?

By | March 23, 2018

What is a pressure cooker and how is it made? In other words, a pressure cooker is a deep and tall pot where you cook food but under pressure. They reduce the cooking time and energy you use for cooking and makes our lives much easier as they reduce the time almost half. Pressure cookers are widespread in Italy and England, also in India and Brazil. In India they are so wide spread that you can see in most of the urban kitchens around the country.

Dating back to 1679 there seemed to be a need among people to create a magic device with the help of which it would become possible to cut down on the time people spent on cooking. Due to a creative French physicist named Denis Papin this idea came into reality and this was a time management trick for people at that time as the cooking time was shortened half way through the whole process. He was the creator of this magic pressure cooking or “Steam Digester”. The main purpose of this electrical appliance was to reduce the time housewives spent every day on cooking. How does a pressure cooker work? It has an airtight cooking vessel that is used for the aim so it has one function – internal steam pressure as a result of which the boiling point of water increases and accordingly, the food is cooked faster.

In the composition of the pressure cookers there is iron mostly, of course in the ones there is mostly aluminum as this metal is cheaper and heats up quickly as a result of which the food can get burnt and cause hot spots to the pressure cooker. The more expensive pressure cookers are created with a combination of some other metals where the basement is aluminum. The best variant of course will be a pressure cooker with a higher ratio of stainless steel on the base.

If the pressure cooker is made of stainless steel the pot stays nicer and shinier and also you can place it in the dishwasher while pressure cookers made of aluminum cannot be washed in the dishwasher but at the same time the heat up process is faster and better. As any other item, pressure cookers as well cost higher, however, they are worth.

When you cook food under pressure in the pressure cookers, this preserves more nutrients as food gets cooked faster with less water. After cooking food in the pressure cookers vegetables stay out with better color and flavor.